Wednesday, April 18, 2007

--amazing astral travel heaven experience

Outdid myself, in the dream dept. last night!!

one of those first person, i was there, dreams. I was someone else,
living his life.

Dream begins when I awake to the dream where i am sitting in a bar cafe
in a small city somewheres, i found later, up north, maybe in upstate
new york around Rochester or syracuse, a small town near those
I feel depressed. I am surrounded by tables full of other depressed
mostly men, men who are fat, in the "wrong" kind of fat, fat that
indicates a kind of Real slothfullness! the air is full of cigarette
smoke, so thick that one could cut it with a knife!!
[*that* tells me that the man that i "am", might be "dead", the time
of a smoke filled bar ending years ago. this man might be now living
in the spirit world!]

next scene:
I am now walking out into the countryside, from my town. i had just
moved there from the South, recently, looking for better work of some
kind and i have yet to find it. The summer is near over and i dread
the cold to come, i miss the south. Got to find work. there is little
meaning in my life and i know it and i know that there is more to life
than to sit depressed all day, those men in the bar, for instance,
have not taken a hand in their own lives, to direct their lives.

Next scene:
I am now standing in a field, a late summer day, almost dark and i
am so so tired, having done this "walkabout" all day long. need to get
a grip on my "life meaning".
I fall down on the soft grass and immediately fall asleep!
I have a dream [in a dream i dream of having a dream!] I repeat,
sitting somewheres, my ruminations of the hours before! then, I sense
that there are people in the air above me! i look up to see a whole
group of people "up there" floating in the air and then even a few
more people above them. the upper people have a Golden glow around
their heads. the bottom-most people: somone then began to tell me about
how all of life is inspired by angels and souls from the heavenworlds
and there are the "golden Ones" who direct it all. The master souls are
in charge, Jesus and the others...
The speaker then told of how my life should follow my pre-incarnational agreement path.........
"....", as there was much that i cannot remember, the dream can not tell,
in worlds, of the deep awe-feelings that came to this dreamer, as he
beheld these angels!

next scene: he wakes up and eventually walks back to town, i can see that
the town has maybe only about 3000 people in it, by the size of the
business district. but i could also see small factories around, out
in the country. he re-enters the barcafe and then finds out how the
couple who own it are nice people. [from now on, his life is much
much more optimistic!]

next scene: he takes a walk out into the poorer section of town.
he sees a group of about 5 or 8 black men having a
"behind the house social". he hears them talk, they all sound so
happy and so ebulently laughing, he wants to find out why and how
they are so such! he hesitates to intrude, he gets up some courgage
and he walks up to them all. after a few minutes of akwardness,
they sense that he means well, and they tell him about how the Union
pays a good wage, for being so blue collar, and that Life Is Good.
their families are good and the poor houses are cheap to keep up.
He walks away impressed, he senses that they all have "soul", and
that is Important.

next scene: that night he dreams yet again. and i again dream his dream
as if i dreamed it myself. After some vague motions of walking along a
street, he enters a house and then other people enter from other doors.
I see that most, if not all, of the people are of the Afro race. men
and women. eventually maybe there were about 12 to 15 people in the room.
what happens next is very VERY hard to find words for as all words
will mean something else in addition to what i mean: take me ten pages
to try to tell, so i will truncate severely! music began to play, but
the sounds came not from any Device, the singing came from a person
not present in the room: this room is in the spirit worlds and another
soul, outside of the group, linked to the group, was singing. the song
was a black blues very "old soul" kind of singing. As if a mississippi
blues singer had found Meaning to his life, in the spirit worlds, and
this meaning-feeling was being broadcast into the group. his "tone" was
that of...."life is rich and full, of meaning and of spirit and that we
all are connected to each other and all through Spirit, with the great
Spirit above animating all. I heard also 'not angry"
hiphp/rap songs too, coming from others somewheres else.
Too...theere were several black men present who looked to be "shamans"
or spiritual leaders, when alive on earth, maybe from the afro
spiritist religion days, of Umbanda/santarista/voodoun! there were
several very very charasmic "medicine men" type of people there, in
dress and garb that infers to me such of a earthly life. It then dawned
on me that this group of 15 people were linked to maybe hundreds,
thousands, of other people, far away, as if everyone was "connected",
and that all the outside people knew what is going on in the
room, the "ultimate" cell phones!!
a "group orgy" without the sex! but as if the "orgasm" involved
everything!! very hard to explain. every thought, every feeling,
every image, was sexually charged AS
a sex experience, as if the private parts sex orgasim is "transfered"
to every other possible experience: life BECOMES a sex experience in
every way, every moment and second!

a kind of merging of souls.....

everyone could see, hear, experience, anything that anyone else
had experienced, in their lives, all sexually charged in a kind of
mystical union! each "I", of a person" experiences all other "I's",
as themselves! thus there was just one I there. a great extant, all of the other souls, no matter how
distant, expereinced this Union too!
Then everyone separated from this "great hug", and began to leave
the room. I felt a great sense that even as we left, that on a
higher vibrational level, the separation does not occur: that this
mystical sexual union was...IS still going on, and that it will never
EVER end! thus for those 15 people, whether spirits/souls, or other
out of body people, they are now connected for Life, on earth, and for
after they die!

----end of dream.

I suspect this dream of the Union occured to this person, in response
to why those black men were so HAPPY! even i could tell, as he talked to
them, that their happyness comes from a far far deeper source than of
mere jobs and good living conditions! they were connected to souls
and spirits both in body and out of body, connected in a way
far more "connected" than of "mere" physical sex union!
connected too, to the Shamans and healer priests, from maybe other
African times or from other distant countries, like of Brazil, where
the Spiritist religions are very alive and well, there. yes,
connected even as they live in a nother usa town and work in a
too, this event is also a reflection of this man's sleeping dream
as he lay on the grass, where he experienced the angels who are in
turn being guided by the GOLDEN ONES above them. all are thus
interconneted, from the top level of spirit on down to him!

inference: there is a great mystery of the black race, from this
we do not know the black race, at all! there is so much to learn,
that is not of "mind", from them!
inference: many many people separated by distance and even time,
are closer to each other than even "man/wife" and
a SOUL FAMILY, where each individual is part of another
inference: this dreamer that i seemed to "first person follow"
is also thus connected! I, the "follower", me, freestone, as i
had the experience alng with them all, am also connected to this
large group of people!

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