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an alternate reality, one person CAN make a difference

Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 6:47 pm
Post subject: dream of a DE-pressing world!


hi all...

last night's dream!

I was aware that I was somewhere in a small city by a lake. I stood
on this street or road, I had a distinct depressing feeling. The very
air was grey looking. I saw cars that looking NOTHING like cars of
today or cars of any era! Heavy metal. Clunky. No plastic in *this*
world, I guess!
[cars had heavy metal bodies]
The cars were mostly black or red in color. These cars, as well
as the buildings, the people's clothes, the very faces of the
walking-by people, all had given to me a distinct
feeling of..."No imagination, no enthusiasm, no hope".

someone told me..."The fortunate ones are the ones who are

everything that was built had a simple clunkness to it.

Looked a bit like the 1930s, and then life was stuck
in the 1930s, for 70 years!

---a "probable, possible future"?!
.....An alternate reality?
.....Life on an alien planet?!

Then I had a deep voice speak. As if there was a moderator or guide
behind my back, someone who might have brought me to here to see
this place.
He told me that what I am seeing was NOT a possible future, not a
probable world or even an alternate reality! He then told me that
this place was the regular American world, but the scenes were of
a "drama"
created by spirits, as a "teaching movie"!
[I was watching a imagination created by spirits. I have read, years
ago, that whatever is created by a spirit, or especially by a group
of spirits who specialize in this, as a bit of imagination, of mental
images; and then Given to someone down on earth, in a dream or in
a meditation, while
this "imagination" is only that, to the spirit residents, this mental
when gotten by an earth dweller, are MORE real to him than even his
waking life's outer images! I suspect many prophecies, here on this
group, are of this!]

anyway. This guide then spoke of how something is profoundly missing,
in this civilization, if "something" had not occurred years ago, a
something that DID occur, here on earth, in our reality, and this
drama was to show what would have been the result of this "something",
if it did not occur at all!

no science, of the 50s, NO "newage/hippie" of the 60s/70s!
no internet.
in fact, none of the "quickening" of the 1960-2005+ occurs
at all!

thus the world-reality resulting would be something like the
"great depression" to continue and continue, on and on.

why was I shown this?
---there was a further suggestion, by the guide, that a few people,
in the last 100 years, Made a Difference, and what they "seeded" was
of utter importance!
[the tipping point, maybe, like of the "100th monkey"; because *this*
or *that* individual failed to do his/her thing, the critical mass
was not reached, and the Ignition was not done!

no hope and no future and every object made was for Utility only,
no imagination or "flight of the soul and spirit" inner

the Point?!!

----maybe to tell me that anyone *could* be the Tipper, of something,
of anything, in our society! Someone could be even thinking of an
Idea, the 269th person to think this, this year, and a critical
mass has been done so
that at number 269, the idea goes Critical, and soon everyone is aware
of this idea!

---a farmer walks along the road and see his neighbor lift up a huge
rock hammer and bring it down upon a huge rock and at this not-so-hard
blow, the rock shatters.
"nice show there Zeek", he says....

Zek replies," yeah, you should have seen my other 49 blows that I
hit upon this rock, before you came along! Each blow must have made
a zillion tiny cracks but I could not see them, but each blow
contributed to the crackings until all the rock went at

suppose this Zeek gave up on the 47th blow?!!


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