Wednesday, April 18, 2007

an accident victum is taken to heaven

an accident victum has
ascended to heaven

hello everyone!

here is an Out of body experience that i had, a few
years ago....i dedicate this experience for the
"grief" newsgroup list people that i put a post onto, welcome them to come look at
"aboutheaven"...and to join it if they want to!

the dream vision event begins......
I am standing along a roadside, in a city
nieborhood. I can tell that there has been an auto
accident of some sort; I can see before me, the very
wrecked car and the fire trucks, police cars, and the
other rescue vehicles, on the grass, beside the
[I am out of body, in my the
"backside" of the
physical world...its ASTRAL counterpart. this
is the first level up from the earth. many
earthbound souls remain here, if they fear to go
onward to the next level, where the "real"
heavens begin. If i could push my vibrations a
bit "downwards"...i would actually be visible in
the physical world, to even to someone of average
psychic ability! I would be what is called a
I see a lady standing beside the car, in a
if she was a victum of this accident, in shock. But
no one seems to be noticing her!! In fact...the
policemen walk right through her!!! I then see the
sheet on the ground that covers a dead body.
she is dead.
this is her in her spirit body, like i am...but there
is no connective silver cord to her body, like of me.
she is alive...but now in spirit: she is in shock and
nearly asleep, like most of us are, immediately after
dying, according to most of the readings i have read,
through mediums...we awake, shortly, over there, in
the lower real heavens, in the company of
friends...relatives...healing spirits!

Suddenly is see something very amazing! There are
several other souls, garbed in white robes, floating
downward from above this lady's head. As they come
slowly down, they gather around her, in a circle.
they are now standing on the ground, in the circle and
now they all hold hands, to make a ring around the
accident lady, who is so so dazed, that she sees them
then the Spirits all look upward, all at once: i look
up, too, to see what they all are looking at.
What i see is also very amazing, folks....I see, up
in the sky, about a hundred feet over their heads, a
hole in the sky!! there is this circular hole about
ten feet across...a hole into what appears to be a
very bright lit place that is not of earth or of this
first astral-level, in spirit, where I am.
[hole into the first REAL heaven world, away from
the earth and its astral backside....the place the
new arrivees go]
there is something else that i see...there is ANOTHER
ring of spirits around this if the hole
were in a floor and they all were standing around it.

Then, i look back at the ring of spirits around the
accident-girl...just in time to see all of the spirits
AND this girl, slowly float upward, off of the ground,
unseen by anyone living. Only i saw this spectacle,
as i was, myself, in my spirit-body! Slowly all of
floated up through the hole, up through the second
ring of spirits....another soul that goes to heaven.

[---another of the many personal proofs, to me,
that we all live on...after "death"!!---this
live an incredible life

Freestone Wilson

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