Wednesday, June 5, 2013

my shocking ww III vision!

my vision of world war III.
march 30th, 2013.

[should I even post this?    "a bolt from the blue", with no other dreams and visions to follow up on this.   World war three.  dreamed on march 30th, the day Jesus is dead, saturday before Easter sunday.
"Doom porn" is a real word.  many people love to read of visions like this one.
Dreams like this fuel the fires of Fear.
But;  I will post this.]

the *most* shocking WW III predicting dream I ever know of!


[print this one out and pin it to the wall and paint a red bull's eye target pattern around it with the sheet of paper at the bulls eye!]

yes, to me at least, this dream is maybe the most "scary WW III dream I have ever seen and probably the most scary end time dream too.

I had it on march 30th of 2013.

the dream begins.....
i am in my car driving across the land from florida to new york.
[this seems to indicate my life from birth to death, just merely my daily journey of life.]

i look out of the car window to see three or four hawks flying within the same sky-space and i see they all are hounded by crows. maybe 20 crows per hawk.
[in real life i see this all of the time. crows Hate hawks and will fly at them and hound them to chase them away. there are many hawks and crows here in tallahassee and two species of crows.]

i stop the car and get out to watch this scene. the crows gang up on the hawks and i see that the hawks retaliate and kill, wound, some of the crows.

the next scene is that i see off in the distance a huge tree and it is filled with crows, maybe 200 to 400 crows, the hawks are gone. i walk closer.
i am now only like 100 foot away and i hear 400 crows cawing. they are all flying around several dying crows.
now.....within this mass of crow sound i begin to hear english words! the words themselves i cannot recall but in the dream i sense the meanings.
I yell to myself, "it is a crow funeral for their killed flock members! how Rare to see this!! it is like a ceremony banned from human observation"! [my own dream words!]
[i saw once on youtube a japanese fairy tale where a boy saw a banned event, the marriage of the foxes. if a human sees this, he is to commit suicide
hari-kari. The foxes are God-spirits, partly human in statue
the boy comes home. the mother steps out of house and hands the boy a sword saying that "the fox messenger has told me of your sin. i do not know you, you saw the forbidden, now go out and kill yourself, i be rid of you; the shame of it all"!]

now i am actually hearing a chorus of a funeral dirge, in english! I also begin to see white robes and other "human" things, amongst these crows!
A crow funeral. Forbidden to watch!
i then suddenly sense that someone has come up beside of me! i turn to see a man who looks to be an "aristocrat"! i can tell he is one of the southern landed gentry, a man who owns the local plantation with its nice mansion home. he too is watching this funeral and he comes up to me.

he tells me, "oh how rare to see this. i had a friend, once, who saw this years and years ago. he witnessed this back about four years before the german nazi troops began to invade countries to begin ww II"
he then tells me that he himself saw such a very similar crow funeral back in 2009!
[2009 + 4 years = 2013]

i then talk a bit ????? and then i turn to walk back to car, now dusk. over in a woods by the field i dimly see a house inside of the woods and then i see a lady walk up to the fence and she yells at me,
in german! german language. i reply to her *in* german!
[i took german in college, failed miserably, but all still in my unconscious.]

there the dream ends. i get up and go to bathroom, the time is now about 3 am, on this march 30th. i go back to sleep and dream yet more.....
[this second dream will be my subconscious "reaction" to the vision. often i have a second dream, when I have a Big Dream. the second dream often gives to me much more personal direction as to what I should do, in now knowing of the Big Dream, as the Big Dream is about all of humanity.]

here i am walking across the campus of Cornell university, there in Ithaca. i grew up 20 miles from this Ivy League university and i lived next to this university for over two years, in the 70s. to me it represents the higher learning and Truth-place.
I am walking with Suanna, my now deceased sister, we walk slowly across the campus, at night.
[she might only be a symbol, a dream-enabled "other" person, in order for dialog to take place, as i do all of the talking, here!]

i walk very slowly as i am now telling HER this dream that i am now typing out!
i tell it from beginning to end, the car, the hawks, the crows, the funeral, etc.....

then i *slowly* says and i say this with some "authority", i say something to her.


at that instant, i wake up with a startle! Dream self, i guess really wanted to burn this sentence into my brain!

So there ye all be. notice the Math. four years before ww II begins, in 1939 friend sees crow funeral. Four years before 2013, "it begins", from the plantation owner. but as ww II took a year or two to become "truly global", it will take a year, 2014, to have this war become truly global.
Then I tell my sister, probably from my High Self vantagepoint, that I will see this in 2014.
I suspect that the Plantation owner's friend, the plantation owner, the german girl, all died, will die, after seeing the crow funeral.

As I witnessed this with my soul-body, out of body, my soul may die in 2014! Tallahassee is a capital city and probably on the nuclear hit list. a direct hit from an atomic bomb, i read, tears apart the very soul. I read that as of late 1970s, the dead victims of Hiroshima and Nakashima, are "beginning to recover"!! I might sleep and heal for 1000 years, if I am taken out in this manner. I will miss the crush-stress of 4 to 6 billion souls all coming up to heaven all at once!! I will be a victim, not a helper. Humbling. I thought, once, that I had a shred of knowledge and will, to help people! No, I will be a Patient in the healing wards, I guess. Be everyone's problem.

the most utter ww III vision, *and* end time vision, that i have ever seen from anytime or anywheres!!

I have read of bird funerals. This One feels "mythological"! I do not know the symbol of crows, in this vision.

the first part is the dream itself, collectively. I see that the second dream is my personal part to play in this event.
to me it looks to read that 2013 will see the beginning of war, like the 1939 invasion of Germans into next door countries. WW II did not begin in earnest, involving the whole world, until a year or two later.
thus here the events begin in 2013 and might become more united states involved in 2014, where I live.

war. maybe we all will merely have small wars. but maybe the full nuclear thing will happen!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

I dreamed my town is abandoned, a view of the future.

Well, I have now, on the 20th of december, my own experience of seeing, in a dream, my hometown
several hundred years from now, ruined!

I had been reading and following another thread here, recently,

about how a man in meditation can experience going to his town and seeing that no one lives there amidst the empty houses; I guess I was "stimulated" to have such an experience of my own!

A dream, a very lucid dream.

but first the background.

my Interlaken hometown of 600 people. I grew up there, spent 19 years in that farmhouse about a mile from town and left in 1960, but often lived or visited there until my mother died in 1975. I lived in this town for a number of years, in the 90s.

A farm town in the finger lakes in upstate ny. nice summers, cold snowy winters.
Only about 600 people here and about every ten years they build a new house.
Tis surrounded by farms and woods. The town is full of trees, mostly maples, oaks, and firs, but the fields are large and surround the town, along with many woodlots.

so here is my dream.
I lucidly "appeared" on what used to be the main highway coming down the gentle hill from the west. I was about a half mile west of the first house.
[think: "out of body, a point of consciousness]
in the real Interlaken, there is a huge field to my left and several homes to my right including one farm. that huge field extends right up next to the last house, on the left.

so what did i see, folks?
the road, there was none! i could see a kind of gravel-like ruined asphalt tarmac. no broken chunks of road, just a road that went to decay. to my right there were no homes, but i did see a number of small gardens. One had cabbages in it, all in rows, nice green cabbages, to contrast with the brownish grass. Each garden looked like 40 foot by 40 foot, as if each garden was "hand-cultivated"! the soil up here is such that most people have to plow, then harrow, then harrow some more, to break up the clumps of soil. these gardens looked like this process was all done by hand tools! or maybe horses. no tractors.
I suspect that the houses were behind me, to my rear, as i did not see them.

up ahead is the town. I saw that the leaves were all turning fall foliage color, this is why the green cabbages against the brown weeds. probably the first frost has come, and frost can come even in early september here!

oooh but the Town! first thing i see is that huge water tower. there is one, 80 foot tall, a huge tank with support columns. Only here that tank is gone, tipped over and fall to ground and hidden in the trees. all that i see is about three rusty columns of reddish steel!
Then i note that small maple trees have sprouted in that huge field to my left. two foot tall seedlings, followed by ten foot tall trees behind them nearer the town.
I could not see a single house.
trees and plants cover all.

I floated closer.

I could not even see down the street into the town! the overgown trees and bushes have taken over! the trees and plants look OK, no ruining of them. but i see that no one seems to go into town by this ruined road, anymore. no trails. I have the impression that most of the houses have fallen in.

it is to be noted, people, that the huge field to my left was not farmed. in fact there were trees sprouting in it. nearer the town the trees were ten feet high, further out, three feet high. the further west area was only tall grass. maple trees spread by wind blowing seeds and the wind comes strongly from the west. this means it takes a while for maple trees to spread west.

the hand tended gardens were back from the town, to my right, back about 600 feet or more. thus they appear to be not next to the town, at all, thus perhaps no one comes out from the town to garden. there was only overgrown grass for that 600 feet, between town-edge and the first garden.

end of dream.


I wonder, folks, just how long it takes for a town to look like this. in my Northland, a maple tree can grow 40 feet in about 15 years. of course weather and climate determines....
but the water tank tower! how long would it take for this tower to rust and fall and the four steel columns to rust? there was only about 20 feet of these still showing!
100 years? 200 years?

at least there seems to be survivors! hand tended gardens. but no one goes into this town anymore. probably the houses have mostly fallen down. an abandoned farmhouse, from my childhood 1958, is now rotted and collapsed ala 2012.

a Mother of all CMEs?

or maybe a sickness like a cold virus shook hands with rabies virus so that now the DNA shuffling makes Rabies as catchable as the common cold and caught the very same way!
a 98% death rate!

there is no way, here, for me to tell when the Event happened! no reference point in time.

but my experience is eerily similar to that experience that the other poster had, on the other thread.

I will now continue to ruminate about my own Seeing of my town.

this town is about 90 miles from anywheres. very rural and between two long lakes each 60 miles long. tis about 60 miles south of lake Ontario, in upstate new york, usa.

I did not move, in my lucid experience, this dream was like a photo image. I could redily tell, though, that the town's trees had seeded and had begun to reclaim that large field. more trees closer to the town beginnings. only several 20 foot rusted pillars to the large water tower.
I did see a garden or three of plants, mostly cabbages. the paved highway looked abandoned, just left alone for years and years, no quakes, no disruptions.

the date?!
i have no way at all to tell.
the dream occurred just a day before the 21st of december, probably "stimulated" by that end of the world date *and* of my daily reading of this thread!

I have my suspicions though.
Only a few years, from one to three, before the Beginning Event happens.
might be one event or death by 1000 cuts over ten years.

the town looked to be seen how long after?!!
---how many years to rust and collapse a water tower?
--how many years to take tree seedlings to sprout into five foot tall trees, out in a field, 100 foot from the yard next to the field? in cold upstate, i have seen bare ground take years to get a ground cover. takes 40 years for a maple tree to grow to be 50 foot tall!

cabbages. a cold climate plant.

the Time was fall, the trees were beginning to change color. i think now that the "Timing"
of this dream is symbolic! "fall", very very near the End of growth and plant life.
thus my image represents the very end of civilization as we know it. soon the metal will be gone. the fabrics rot, the tins corrode. metal tools will be gone.
the trade is gone, no traders and nothing to trade. "homegrown or homemade", or else do without!
the rocks are shale and some limestone. no iron ore here! lots of trees and good soil for plants. the Amish people, who moved here ten years ago, they might feel right at home and in fact they might be the people to Show The Way, to live, now!

but no tracks on the road. not even from a cart!! the road vanishes into the trees up ahead, into the town. the asphalt paving looked like it just cracked in the sun and weather, cracked into a zillion pea sized pebbles. "tracks" would have been evident if say a horse cart
used this road!

to *me*, this simple little vision "scares" me more than all of the prophecies i have read about "end times" whether in books or on the internet!!

Interlaken, ny, sits on route 96, one of the main roads from New York city to Rochester and Buffalo. an old old Indian trail, this road is, probably 500+ years old.
*IF* there was any sort of traveling done, this highway would have been used and people would move through interlaken.
[my seen-road was not rt 96, it was the road that comes at right angles to it]

the town behind me, here, is called "Lodi"! i have had dreams where this world was used as a pun.
"low die"!
--this infers to me that i am seeing this town after my death. nothing new here, 100+ years from now.

as i type this, i recall when i lived there in the 90s. three years. i walked this Lodi road a lot. many townspeople used this hill-road as a jogging road.
one May day, on my walk, i was astounded at the number of Dandelion flowers that sat in a field that is up west behind my vantage-view of dead town. there must have been from three to 20 flowers per square foot! in that field, there were millions and millions!
I sort of, then, sensed that in this field and also in several others nearby, along this road, that there was a dandelion flower for each person here on earth!
In another dream I had a dream of cabbages. they represented to me each cabbage is an incarnated soul, a person on earth. [cabbage = brain!

so here in my vision I saw a small garden of cabbages. *a* garden, only one garden out of maybe three. lets see....maybe 30 by 30 feet and one cabbage per square yard.
*Symbolism Alert: the dream is showing to me the percentage of living people, on earth, at this distant time, compared to the 7 billion people we now have!
thus that garden might not be "there"! the garden might have been a dream-construct to indicate just how many people are now living, at that time!! Only the road and town might be "Real"!

the sky seemed normal. the light looked normal. the grass had that tired fall look to it.

well I about exhausted my interpretations for today.
as i say, this vision, to me, tells me more Truth about any "end time" than any "Nostradamus"
or edgar cayce seeings! for this town is where I grew up in, 19 years of childhood, and my parents lived in my childhood home for another 15 years. I had a cottage on Cayuga lake too, i lived there every summer for five years, in the 70s. I lived *in* this town for three years, in the 90s, i walked this Lodi road nearly every other day.
F W   


Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to my site, where I have put up some write-ups of my Dreams and visions of being taken by Guides and Angels to experience places in heaven!  I have had even two-way conversations with most of my relatives, there!
     I have been Dreaming these dreams, now, for over 30 years.

Not all of my nightly dreams are of a level that is worth writing about, but I visit these afterlife planes, many times a week.

On the right sidebar is a list of my writings about my going to heaven.  Each clickable title line leads to a page where the article is.  there are other sections too, alien abductions, autism, my observations upon life.

"my dreamvisions of experiencing heaven "  is the section that you are looking for and I would suggest  reading  these accounts first.

the Younger center.

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accident death victim is taken to heaven.

I watch my sister Go with Jesus, from one heaven to another heaven.

there are many more links, on that sidebar.  enjoy.
you may share these accounts with anyone, if you post them anywhere, please send to me the link so I can see the post.

thank you.
freestone wilson